Respite/Residential Care in Lawnfield House

“I have hallowed this house which thou hast built to put my name there forever and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually”
1 Kings 9 v3

The DCFI Residential Home (later named Lawnfield House) was opened on 29th May 1993. It was a real vision of faith and practical contribution to provide a place where disabled persons could meet in a Christian environment. For 20 years the home had two main activities (1) to allow DCFI Branches bring their disabled for a break (2) to provide respite for anyone who wished to avail of it. After a period during which DCFI had sought to meet certain regulatory matters it was decided to seek an alternative provider and in 2014 Lawnfield House was transferred to the Presbyterian Church Board of Social Witness who are now managing the home.

Respite/Residential Care
Lawnfield House is able to offer respite/residential care, for full details please contact the Home (telephone 43726860).

The Home is particularly suitable for those who rely on a wheelchair for mobility. The majority of bedrooms have full en-suite facilities.

The Location
Located in a quiet residential area, it is close to the sea and nestles under the Mountains of Mourne.

The Home aims to provide residential accommodation which offers a high standard of personal care within a relaxed non-smoking environment. Every effort is made to ensure that residents may enjoy their stay at the home with dignity, respect, comfort and care. The home is registered with and inspected by the Regulation Quality and Improvement Authority (RQIA).


DCFI Trustees and representative from PBSW
DCFI Trustees and representative from PBSW
transfer of Lawnfield House, representatives of DCFI and PBSW
transfer of Lawnfield House, representatives of DCFI and PBSW


Newcastle Branch meet in Lawnfield House